Share a global vision of the market

The financial flow market is pursuing its mutation. Borders are shifting to and from domestic and international. Existing systems must face the arrival of communication, exchange and management standards. Services are developing in pace with technological innovations.

New players offer services that up to now were under the jurisdiction of big banks and companies. Movements of merging and activity separation related to industrial reshaping disrupts project planning.

vision globale2

Control of these changes and their interactions has become a major issue for competitiveness of our corporate clients and banks.

  • How to serve European customers?
  • What’s new cash management services?
  • Is a Europe of payments as an opportunity to centralize financial flows?
  • How to benefit from business and technology pooling?
  • How to encourage organizations and information systems adaptation?

In this context, cross-knowledge of processes and systems of actors involved (companies and banks) allows Syrtals’ teams to finely analyze clients’ problems and needs, therefore falling in line with clients’ expectations and enabling to control change cost.